De Bellefeuille design – Chantal de Bellefeuille designer

History, mission and expertise in commercial interior design

About us


“By our approach, we want you to live a positive human experience.”

— Chantal de Bellefeuille


A versatile team

For over twenty years, de Bellefeuille Design has worked passionately to create projects that reflect the unique needs of each of our clients. The ongoing quest for new challenges gives our team experience in fields as diverse as high-end condominiums, medical clinics, retirement homes, industrial buildings and offices.


Always stay tuned

If we want to compete with the best in the industry, our vision must be as great for our clients. A project, whether residential or commercial, must wear the designer’s signature while connecting with its users. Our corporate mission is to be responsive to our customers in order to establish a relationship of trust and help them to achieve their desired results.